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    Our Features

    Only blood draws.
    No biopsy,
    no endoscopy.

    Early screening

    Our test detects cancers even in stage I.
    Early detection and treatment of cancer can limit disease progression.

    Multiple test at a time

    One time of blood draw for detection 3
    or more cancers.

    Novel Biomarkers and new strategies

    New algorism provides more specific and sensitive results.

    Our Process
    Physician explains the content of the test
    Draw 3ml
    blood specimen
    Deliver the specimen to core laboratory
    Complete the report in 10 workdays
    Interpretation and consultation by physicians
    Comparison of Current Cancer Tests
    Marker X Cancer Proteomic Blood Test Q&A

    Q1. What are the cancer detection items currently provided by Marker X?

    Now Marker X provides the services involving colorectal cancer, esophageal cancer and breast cancer. In the near further, detections for gastric cancer, lung cancer, and pancreatic cancer will be provided.

    Q2. Does a high cancer risk index detected mean that you have cancer?

    The risk index of cancer indicates corresponding morbidity risk. A high risk represents higher possibility of cancer morbidity, and subjects should follow a further instruction from the doctor to take further diagnosis.

    Q3. Who needs the early-stage cancer screening services provided by Marker X?

    At present, the age of cancer patients in Taiwan has been declining, and it is often too late when the cancer is identified. Every adult over 30 years old can take our Cancer Proteomic Blood Test. People who over 50 and with various risk factors are especially recommended to take the test annually to estimate the body condition.

    Q4. If all data in the report is normal, how long should I come back to check again?

    Current normal data cannot guarantee that no future risk. Taking our test every 1-2 years to estimate cancer risk is recommended to most people and that is the key to meet the goal of preventive medicine.

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