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    Cancer is the top 1
    in 10 Leading Causes of Death
    According to the report from Ministry of Health and Welfare, cancer has ranked first among the 10 leading causes of death for 39 years. In 2018, one person is diagnosed with cancer every 4 minutes and 31 seconds.
    Gene mutation is NOT the only cause of cancer
    The occurrences of cancers are corelated to genetic variance, acquired diseases, and environments. Only 10-15% of cancer, however, results from genetic defects, about 70% cancer patients have been diagnosed without family history. Protein is the ultimate functional execution unit of the cells which are closely related to pathological changes and are better biomarkers.
    Early detection and treatment can be lifesaving
    50,000 of people die of cancer in Taiwan every year. Early detection and early treatment are the golden rule of reducing cancer mortality. If we can detect cancer in early stage, it is more possible to cure cancer.

    Cancer Proteomic Blood Test provided by Marker X can detect cancer risk in early stage, and therefore greatly improve the effectiveness of subsequent treatment.
    Applicable Subjects for Cancer Proteomic Blood Test
    (> 30) and
    elderly people
    Family history
    of cancer
    People with special hobbies (Smoker/Alcoholism/ Betel nut chewers)
    People with special hobbies (Smoker/
    Alcoholism/ Betel nut chewers)
    Abnormal lifestyle
    High working pressure
    People who value their health
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