About us

    Early detection and treatment of cancers is the golden rule of current medicine. Marker Exploration Corporation (Marker X) is a biotech company dedicated to research and develop novel cancer biomarkers. Marker X uses cutting-edge technologies and devices to provide non-invasive cancer screening services. Our services provide an early awareness of cancer risks to the subjects and help them in receiving appropriate medical advices and cares as early as possible if the risk is relatively high.

    Marker X will soon expand our service to early detections of chronic diseases, such as heart diseases by non-invasive tests. In addition, we also develop companion diagnostics involving medications. All these will assist doctors and subjects in determining best plans before medications. Our long-term goal is to employ preventive medicine and to eliminate diseases in the very early stage, so that brings healthy life with good quality to people.

    Provide LDTs
    (laboratory developed test) service
    Exploit IVD
    (In Vitro Diagnostic Devices) market

    Fulfill the demand
    of cancer screening
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