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    Accurate Proteomic Blood Test for Cancer Diagnosis
    Accurate Proteomic Blood Test for Cancer Diagnosis
    Cancer proteomes are the specific protein profiles of cancer patients. Different cancer patients have their own unique proteomic profiles of blood plasma. Information of blood proteomic profiles is simply obtained by blood collection rather than biopsy or endoscopy from the subjects. Comparing traditional tests with Proteomic Blood Test used by Marker X, our test avoids the risks related to anesthesia and radiation.
    Marker X applies “High Resolution Mass Spectrometer” to examine cancer proteomes in blood. The sensitivity and specificity of Marker X technique in cancer identifications are better than that of others, and thus we can help physicians in early detection and treatment of cancers.
    Cooperative partner
    Medical science laboratory
    Healthcare management company
    Certified Clinical organization in cooperation of new development technology
    Specimen Providing
    Cancer Proteomic Blood Test in Marker X
    Only 3 mL blood specimen
    Subjects who are willing to be tested do blood drawing in our cooperative organizations.
    How long does it take to get my report after sample providing?
    It takes 10 workdays to complete entire analytic process after the specimen has been delivered to Marker X.
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    Advantages of Proteomic Blood Test for Cancer Diagnosis
    No radiation
    Proteomic profiles are highly correlated with physiological
    Disease conditions of the subjects and reflect real-life conditions of subjects
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